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GLISS Detail

£150.00 (Cars up to 3 months old plus new car prep (£150) or used vehicles stage 1-3 depending on condition.)

Booking your vehicle in for our Gliss Detail includes a full vehicle decontamination process, including where required a multi stage paint correction to make sure the application of “Gliss” is to perfectly presented paint work. Make your own bliss… Slide through gloss into GLISS!

If I were to ask you what two factors fill every true car care enthusiast with happiness, what would you say? For most it is the gloss and incredible feeling of a perfectly slick and pure finish! THAT is the essence of GLISS…

With GLISS, CarPro brought new advances in nanotechnology to bear and designed an all-new hyper-smooth, hyper-glossy and easy to apply ceramic nano coating that excels as a top-coat for all CQuartz coatings! CarPro GLISS also increases resistance to static buildup, dust retention and many types of mineral and water stains!

Combining modified long-chain carbon fluorine polymers and enhanced nano-technology, GLISS is an evolution in top-coat protection and its immensely tactile feel, achievable on any non porous surface!

This incredible next-gen coating serves multiple purposes and even excels as a stand-alone paint protection and enhancement system with a HYPER slick surface that will make your jaw drop!

Priced from £150 inc VAT for a new vehicle (up to 6 months old) Or a vehicle that requires only a single stage correction. If a multi stage correction is required price will be from £480 inc VAT.

C.Quartz Professional

£400.00 (Cars up to 3 months old plus new car prep (£150) or used vehicles stage 1-3 depending on condition.)

CQuartz Professional harnesses the power of advanced nanotechnology. Each silica (quartz) atom has multiple fluorocarbon molecular bonds, which create a high-density 3D structural coating matrix. Once bonded to the surface of your paint, CQuartz Professional not only protects the gloss and depth created by JW Autoshine, accredited CarPro installer, it actually enhances it! Once cured, CQuartz Professional forms a dense, durable coating that protects the paint and retains a high gloss for years to come!

In short? The paint will not dull or oxidize, surfaces stay cleaner and glossier, and clean up easier! Water spots can be a challenge for other products In the ceramic coating industry, but no durable ceramic coating is able to resist natural water stains better than CQuartz’ line of Professional coatings. CQuartz Professional also resists bird and bug stains, and a variety of environmental fallout! Properly maintained, CQuartz Professional will last for years, all while keeping your car glossier, cleaner, and easier to wash and dry!



£500.00 (Cars up to 3 months old plus new car prep (£150) or used vehicles stage 1-3 depending on condition.)

During the creation of Finest Reserve, no expense was spared in developing an entirely new nanotechnology available nowhere else in the world. With CQuartz two latest Professional coatings, the next generation of paint protection is here…

Finest Reserve utilizes an entirely new technology built on a complex hybrid blend of quartz infused epoxy nanotech particles. This Next-Gen technology utilizes an advanced hybrid nano structural composition, which bridges the gap between ceramic and organic materials, creating an extremely high gloss, dense nano-coat. This results in an extremely glossy, durable, thick coating of protection that lasts for many years, with advances in a variety of attributes and unlike anything that has come before it!